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Supercharge your product data

Harmonya helps brands and retailers move at the speed of commerce.

Products are varied and complex

Products and consumers are at the heart of commerce, yet most product data sources don’t offer the richness and depth of industry and consumer perspectives.

A new language for products

Harmonya’s product language is a single source of truth for every application that uses product data, and provides a rich and dynamic set of product concepts which are derived from the perspectives of consumers, brands, and retailers.

A vocabulary that is not constrained
Capturing evolving consumer perspectives
Industry-leading product relations graph

Flexible application layer

Harmonya enables enterprises to keep pace with consumers and capitalize on opportunities faster, with more precision.


Automatically augmenting product data with industry and consumer generated concepts


A flexible application suite addressing industry specific needs and use cases


We’re passionate about data, technology, and building the foundational capabilities that drive the future of commerce.

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