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AI-Powered Product Data Enrichment

Enrich your retailer, syndicated, and internal data sources with a richer and more granular set of product attributes and characteristics - continuously informed by millions of online data points.

A robust data asset that powers applications along the entire commerce value chain

Harmonya customers gain access to an unparalleled level of product insight and can tap into the attributes that matter most to consumers. A 360 product lens that surfaces hidden drivers behind in-market dynamics.

Incorporate The Consumer Perspective

Capture and incorporate the dynamic and ever evolving consumer-based attributes that influence product purchase decisions.

Establish A Single Source Of Truth

Brands and retailers can arm their teams with clean, accurate, granular product data that can be used across the organization. Create a single source of truth of product data to stay on the same page.

Differentiated Product and Market Understanding

Unlock a comprehensive view of performance drivers. Identify the unique set of product characteristics that drive growth, in order to inform category growth strategies, product innovation, and marketing campaigns.

A Holistic Product Data Offering

Activate these applications, and more

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Insights & Analytics Application

Combine your product data, sales data, and Harmonya’s tags into a comprehensive application to explore trends and discover new ideas.

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Automated Product Attribution & Classification

Automate the classification of product data to your specifications, enabling consistent taxonomies across your trusted data sets regardless of the source.

The All-In-One AI-powered product data enrichment, categorization, and insights platform for CPGs and retailers

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Legacy product data structures lack descriptive and diagnostic power and limit growth for brands and retailers.

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Harmonya's proprietary technology ingests information about products from millions of online product-related data points and appends the data you use today with unique attributes and concepts from consumer reviews, ingredients, product descriptions, and more.

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This harmonized data asset empowers your teams and technologies with strategic opportunities to drive growth.

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