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Insights & Analytics Platform

The fastest, easiest, and most granular way to understand what's driving product performance.

Know Your Category Like Never Before

Explore your enriched sales data with our intuitive platform. Combine your trusted in-market data with Harmonya’s tags to quickly discover differentiated insights - at scale.


Dive into unprecedented granularity in product data to surface what’s really driving growth. Answer questions regarding in-market performance quickly and search for nearly any concept or term - no additional data coding required.


Harmonya’s data engines automatically organize attributes and characteristics to make navigation and exploration even more seamless. Filter and aggregate data by attribute types, markets, product categories, and more.


Stay ahead of emerging trends just as they’re taking off, and quickly understand what is increasing or impeding growth in the product categories you operate in. All in a few clicks.

Trend Identification Tool

Uncover consumer-centric growth drivers and stay ahead of competitors by serving up the right product propositions at the right moment.


Discover trends and growth drivers in the attributes and characteristics of owned and competitive portfolios. Segment by attribute, product type, or market on the fly.


Gain insights into consumer preferences and market dynamics that help you quickly understand and share relevant stories.


Inform decisions on merchandising, product innovation, commercial and customer strategies, and brand strategy to grow your business.

Brand Comparison Tool

Discover what sets your brand apart from the competition - craft more informed brand stories, inform new product development, and inform categorization.

Bring Out Your Best

Easily understand your strengths and how to highlight your brand. Uncover the most significant concepts that are unique to your brand and that consumers love most.


Uncover the growth-drivers in competitive portfolios and the hidden attributes and characteristics that are driving consumer interest in competitors’ products.

Identify Category Anchors

Quickly identify concepts that define the category for consumers. Better position your own products inside and outside the category definition.

A Complete Product Data Offering

Get more from your product data by using our full suite of solutions.

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AI-Powered Product Data Enrichment

Supercharge your product data by enriching your trusted sources of product data with attributes and characteristics pulled from millions of online product listings.

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Automated Product Attribution

Automate the attribution of product data to your specifications, enabling consistent taxonomies across your trusted data sets regardless of the source.

The AI-powered product data enrichment, categorization, and insights platform for CPGs and retailers

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Legacy product data structures lack descriptive and diagnostic power and limit growth for brands and retailers.

Modeling icon

Harmonya's proprietary technology ingests information about products from millions of online product-related data points and appends the data you use today with unique attributes and concepts from consumer reviews, ingredients, product descriptions, and more.

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This harmonized data asset empowers your teams and technologies with strategic opportunities to drive growth.

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