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A new language for products

The industry’s first language for products, incorporating the perspectives of consumers, brands, and retailers.

Industry’s first
product language

Harmonya's language for products incorporates the perspectives of consumers, brands and retailers and can be leveraged by any application and domain that uses product data.

Unconstrained vocabulary

Harmonya does not limit product characteristics to a predefined set of attributes. The absence of predefined hierarchies and characteristics reveals the ‘unknown unknowns’ about products.

Consumer & industry voice

Harmonya captures the ways consumers express their product perceptions and experiences, while simultaneously maintaining fundamental product attributes commonly used by the industry.

Product graph

At the core of Harmonya’s language: a complex mapping of products and their related concepts. Our platform is powered by a constantly expanding set of inputs.

Dynamic & evolving

Harmonya’s data infrastructure is constantly refreshing, ingesting new inputs, and continuously connecting products with new concepts, ensuring that its language accurately reflects the consumer and industry point of view.

Enterprise applicability

Harmonya provides an API-based data enrichment and augmentation layer, alongside a set of distinct applications that enhance the value of its underlying product data language.

At the core of Harmonya’s language for products is the complex mapping of products and related concepts.
Proprietary models identify granular concept-level trends within or across categories, time frames, and markets.

Powering multiple core domains across the organization

Category management

Harmonya’s ability to marry consumer, shopper, and industry perspectives with product performance data unlocks an unprecedented depth of understanding for category managers to act on.

E-Commerce & product search

Granular and rich product understanding enables more dynamic product listing optimizations, and helps shoppers explore and find products that meet their evolving needs and preferences.

Product catalog management

Harmonya’s machine learning models can help automatically manage product catalog and item master data needs such as dynamic product classification and categorization capabilities.

Product innovation

Harmonya’s evergreen insights engine helps innovation and R&D teams understand what’s driving success in the market with more precision, and significantly reduce the time it takes to bring products to life and on to shelves.

The backbone of
Harmonya’s language

Data Acquisition Engines

Data acquisition engines continuously run and refresh to ingest product related data from publicly available and customer data sources

Data harmonization

Data components such as nutrition classifiers and attribute normalizers unify unstructured data originating from multiple sources

Knowledge Graph

Harmonya's product knowledge graph applies advanced relation discovery techniques to identify how clusters of products are related to one another

Product language engines

ML and NLP models, including topic modeling and sentiment analysis, form the complex mapping of products and their related concepts

Applications & API

An API based enrichment layer, coupled with a flexible application suite addresses distinct industry use cases

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